Every story has a beginning; here is ours…
My life started in Sheffield in the 1980s and my husbands, in London.  8 years ago our paths crossed and things have been a whirlwind since! 
I spent my younger years as my mum’s shadow, constantly following her around and looking at all the beauty products on her dresser.  My mum has always taken great care of herself, to the point where people would assume she was my sister!! 
One of the main trends of the 1990s was blue eyeshadow.  Naturally, I had to give it a go.  At this point, I was ‘allowed’ to start trying things myself.  I remember using the ‘old-school’ eyeshadow applicators that came with the palette, until the foam would fall off.  I think it’s partly because I would spend most evenings applying makeup and taking it off again.  Sometimes I would even sleep in my full face glam to test the quality!  My sister is only 1 year younger than me but geez, how different we are.  She would sit in the corner of our bedroom, reading her books whilst quietly judging me. 
I eventually got out of the awkward teenager phase and went to Uni.  I started my degree in Pharmacy but finished with a 2:1 in Accounting… Life is like the inside of a makeup bag; you never know what you’re gonna get next!  I knew that there was still something missing in my life.  After  several finance roles, I did a complete 360 and applied for a job at a nail salon.  Every parent has dreams for their children but going from counting figures to counting nail varnishes wasn’t on their cards.  Looking back, they know it was one of my better decisions (aside from the blue eyeshadow). 
From working in a nail salon to beauty retail stores, I managed to land myself a job at MAC Cosmetics in Stratford.  Many of you may have heard some horror stories about working in the makeup industry and it truly was life changing (but in a good way!).  I made some amazing friends, built on my makeup skills and learnt a lot about the beauty industry. Everything was finally falling into place. 
There is always a new product being launched and things quickly go from HOT to NOT.  During my time at MAC I realised how useful it would be to have my name on my makeup brushes.  We were constantly getting confused with whose brush belt belonged to who and ended having to get out the nail varnish to colour code (who knew there were 50 Shades of Grey??!)
Everything from drinks bottles to socks were being personalised… This was my moment!  It’s now or never!  But how do I stand out?? 
And then it clicked!   
I researched and researched, whilst the months passed; there was laughter and many, many tears, but I finally got there!  HUNYLONDON was born! 
I managed to find a machine that would allow me to print on wood, plastic, acrylic, glass etc. Now, all I needed to do was fine the perfect products.  My products needed to be like nothing else on the market; luxurious, of high quality and affordable – thus creating our Brand Core Pillars! 
HUNYLONDON is formed of luxurious high-quality products at affordable prices, stocking a wide range of beauty products and accessories. 
We are the first company in the world to personalise makeup brushes and brush belts with printed text rather than glued in a range of colours.  We also personalise a variety of makeup bags and much more!
The best bit!
HUNYLONDON is an independent business built on my dreams!  My vision is very different to other corporate beauty brands and I wouldn’t have it any other way!  Knowing that we can give you something different and unique is what makes this journey worth taking! 
We have been operating for 3 years now and, despite the constant roller coaster, it has been the best 3 years of my life! 
You can achieve your dreams if you take a risk, work hard and have fun whilst doing it!